Rope lamps are a new trend among wall lamps. These lamps create a stylish and rural atmosphere and, thanks to their versatile properties, belong in any interior. This rope wall lamp is made of jute rope, in which the power wires are braided. As a result, the wires are no longer visible and the lamp retains its authentic design.

Thanks to the design of this wall lamp, it is an ideal eye-catcher for the interior. For example, the lamp fits perfectly in the living or dining room, but can also be used to illuminate a hallway or bedroom. An additional advantage of this lamp is the invisible wall mounting. You only have to screw the screw into the wall, after which the lamp can be turned over.

This rope lamp is equipped with a switch with which the lamp can be easily switched on and off. This is located on the lamp socket.

The chosen rope length is the total length of the rope, including the piece of rope that goes over the wall mount.

Please note, this lamp is sold without the light source. You can order these here.


  • Lamp socket: E27 (large lamp socket)
  • Max power lamp: 40 watts
  • Rope material: jute
  • Mounting material: birch
  • Color wall holder: wood, white or black


  • Holder width: 4 cm
  • Depth holder: 10 cm